Lynne and Ray Monk – Door Harps and Butterflies

My husband and l have been making door harps for a number of years.  They are unique and make an unusual gifts.  The door harp hangs on the inside of any door within the home and when the door opens or closes it makes a gentle harmonious sound.  All the harps are hand painted by myself and my husband has also done some with wood burning.   We do 4 different sizes, 2 of the shapes have three strings which have a little more sound when the door moves than the other two which only have 2 strings.  I have also been experimenting with dimension on the harps ith gears to make it look like a clock, pressed flowers and even a seascape using moss and seaweed.

I also make butterflies that are made from recycled plastic bottles with a suction cup to stick on a mirror or window.  All are hand painted.

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