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In 2017 my Seasonal Hamper Business was created, to provide me with an outlet for my delicious products. I gained my passion from my mother, who was most happy spending time in the kitchen baking and making preserves, I still use her recipe book.  Over the last several years I have given hampers as Christmas gifts to family and friends, which has solved the problem of ‘what on earth can I give them’. I have enjoyed making them so much I wanted an all year-round excuse to be creative.  So, I joined the Farnborough Craft Guild, which lets me sell my wares at the fairs throughout the year.

Customers are welcome to have a taste of any of the preserves I have on my stall and I am happy to receive feedback.

My top 3 selling products are:

  • Mango Chutney, “not too hot”.
  • Cherry and Amaretto Jam, “lovely with Greek yoghurt, crushed amaretto biscuits with a generous helpful of Cherry and Amaretto jam”
  • Mulled Wine Plum Jam, “Delicious with Oat cakes, Sheep cheese washed down with Prosecco”

Other preserves that are popular

  • Ratatouille Chutney, “a bit like a salsa”
  • Apple, Pear, Date & Cranberry, “a well-rounded fruity chutney”
  • Beetroot and Orange, “does not last long” as it was eaten quickly
  • Citrus Fruit Medley Marmalade.  Has a lovely twist with Grapefruit, lemon and orange
  • Raspberry Jam lovely and tangy
  • Apricot and Strawberry  for those that like a sweet jam.
  • Traditional fine cut Seville marmalade, a staple with my family
  • Whisky Marmalade, general consensus is that the Whisky enhances the flavour of the oranges

I usually have around 20 different preserves at the craft fairs, with new flavours being introduced regularly.

‘Marmalade’  “The Whisky enhance the flavour of the marmalade”
‘Piccalilli’  Lovely crunchy curry flavour chutney, not too hot.
‘Cherry and Amaretto’ “Is delicious served with Greek yoghurt, crushed amaretto biscuits with a generous spoonful of Cherry & Amaretto jam”

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